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Our Cleaning Products

Our power washing techniques and cleaners are environmentally friendly, achieve great results and save time and money on labor.  Also, our pressure washer approved cleaning solutions are biodegradable and harmless to humans.

Where ever possible we avoid the use of cleaning products.  However tough jobs require tough treatment.  When we have to use cleaning products, we guarantee to use products that are:

  • • ozone safe
  • • water based and biodegradable
  • • non flammable
  • • non abrasive
  • • chlorine and phosphate free
  • • air pollutant free

Our cleaning products are also easily cleaned up with running water and we use much less cleaning product than if traditional chemicals were used to clean the same surface area.

Cleaning Products Include:

  • Biodegradable Cleaners

    We have biodegradable cleaners for window washing, automotive washing and concrete cleaning & etching.  We also have a line of products for the paint industry including;  graffiti remover, paint hardener for easy paint removal and disposal, cleaner & renewal for paint brushes, mold & mildew inhibitor and more.
  • Mold & Mildew Removers

    Our mold and mildew removers are environmentally friendly professional strength cleaners that prevent and remove mold & mildew stains.  No bleach, ammonia or petroleum solvents.  We can also use our biodegradable mildewcide additive on your interior or exterior paints to prevent growth of molds and mildews.
  • Rust Removers & Inhibitors

    To inhibit and remove rust from metal, aluminum, brass, stone, ceramic, porcelain, stucco, vinyl, plastic and more, we can use our biodegradable rust removers.  Great for residential or commercial applications such as gutters, windows, sidings as well as eliminating paint peeling, chipping, blistering and other adhesive problems.
  • Oil Stain Removers

    To clean and remove tough oil stains we can use our biodegradable oil grabbers either by direct application or with the use of our power washer solution injector to remove unsightly stains due to oil, grease, and grime.
  • All-Purpose Cleaners

    For everyday cleaning our all-purpose cleaners can remove tough stains quickly and effectively from many different kinds of surfaces.  These can be applied directly or with the use of our pressure washer.
  • Graffiti Remover

    Our graffiti remover soaks through graffiti into masonry surfaces.  Deep rinse additive allows graffiti to be easily pressure rinsed out of masonry pores.  Our graffiti remover will easily remove multi-layered graffiti or graffiti that has been painted over.